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What Is Facial Rejuvenation?

Hidden Oasis Med Spa offers a range of treatments to reduce wrinkles and sun damage while improving skin texture and tone. Our next-generation facial rejuvenation procedure can wondrously turn back the hands of time, increasing collagen production, tightening facial skin, and leaving your face looking younger. Intrinsic aging, from age 20 onward, causes a person to lose one percent of their facial collagen each year. Due to sun damage and environmental harms, such as tobacco use and exposure to pollution, external and internal factors can contribute to aging, but our facial rejuvenation service can unveil your natural beauty. We'll introduce you to our Sofwave™ and TriBella™ treatments. The goal of facial rejuvenation treatments is to improve your skin’s appearance by evening out your skin tone and any texture, decreasing sun spots, reducing redness, and minimizing both fine and deep wrinkles. Schedule an appointment with our expert team at our San Antonio, TX office today.

What Are the Benefits of Facial Rejuvenation?

Sofwave’s facial rejuvenation treatment is beneficial in addressing many different signs of aging. Dynamic fine lines and wrinkles will fade with this facial rejuvenation treatment. Visible signs of improvement can be seen after the first treatment. It lifts eyebrows and tightens the skin around the jawline and neck. TriBella’s benefits include improvement of deep and fine wrinkles, volume loss, sun damage, age spots, scars, and rough texture. The TriBella treatment combines with IPL, RF skin tightening, and RF skin resurfacing as a three-in-one therapy to improve skin tone, elasticity, and texture. Hidden Oasis Med Spa lead aesthetician Samina Wasifuddin will discuss treatment advantages during your appointment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Facial Rejuvenation?

Our aesthetic care team at Hidden Oasis Med Spa is excited to offer these innovative facial rejuvenation techniques. Practitioner Samina Wasifuddin will help you decide which technique is best for your cosmetic goals. Typically, a good candidate for facial rejuvenation with Sofwave is in their 30s or older with mild to moderate aging skin and some fine lines and wrinkles. Skin conditions that respond well to facial rejuvenation Tribella treatment include those with deep and fine wrinkles, volume loss, sun damage, age spots, scars, and rough texture. Our practitioner will recommend the best solutions and aftercare for your healing time.

How Does Our Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Work?

Facial Rejuvenation with Sofwave: Sofwave uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology, or SUPERB™ energy, to pass through the skin’s surface (the epidermis), heating the mid-dermal tissue at the proper depth and temperature to rejuvenate collagen fibers and improve the overall appearance of the face. Sofwave also features an integrated cooling system to protect the upper skin layer and provides real-time skin temperature monitoring. It treats all skin types, lifts the eyebrow, improves the lax skin of the submental (neck) tissue, and diminishes facial lines and wrinkles, all with no interruption to your daily routine.

Facial Rejuvenation with TriBella: This three-in-one therapy is a trilogy of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, combining the advanced, versatile technologies of the Venus Versa™ and Venus Viva™ to perform an IPL photofacial, skin tightening, and RF skin resurfacing treatments.

  • IPL Photofacial: The photofacial part of TriBella is performed first and uses intense pulsed light from the Venus Versa to address conditions, like skin tone, sun damage, visible spider veins, and hyperpigmentation. It may feel like a minor snapping sensation on your skin.
  • RF Skin Tightening: The anti-aging skin tightening with radiofrequency energy from the Venus Versa is the second TriBella procedure and employs heat beneath the skin to encourage blood flow and stimulate collagen and elastin development. These processes help reverse wrinkles and lines and produce healthier, firmer skin. Patients may feel warmth when this treatment is being performed, but it should not be uncomfortable.
  • Skin Resurfacing: The final treatment included in TriBella is skin resurfacing, performed with a micro-fractional laser handpiece, like the Venus Viva, that has microneedles on it. It creates very tiny wounds on the skin, which promotes rejuvenated skin tissue development and even more collagen production. Because it occurs after the other two treatments on the skin, there may be additional sensitivity associated with this third procedure.


What to Expect From Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Facial rejuvenation with Sofwave is a great alternative for patients who want dramatic effects without surgery or downtime. Results may be noticeable after one week, but they may only be fully visible three months after the treatment as your body continues to stimulate collagen production. Most patients only need a single treatment, but we may recommend a second treatment for additional results after three months.

With a TriBella facial rejuvenation treatment, it may take 3 – 5 days of recovery time. After the treatment, your skin may feel warm, or you may see redness, which may take a few days to subside. Healing time depends on how your skin reacts to the advanced therapy, but if you protect your skin from the sun and follow our aftercare instructions, your results may last longer. We usually recommend a touch-up every six months for optimal results. For sun protection, we recommend SPF 30 or greater between 24 to 48 hours after your skin has fully healed. Avoid direct sun exposure, tanning beds, and artificial sunless tanning lotions. For the first two or three days after treatment, we also recommend passing on hot baths, massages, or any treatments requiring skin contact. Makeup may be worn after a few days after treatment. Always follow your practitioner’s instructions.

Love this place! I just had my eyebrows done. Veronica did a great job! I highly recommend Hidden Oasis. Everyone who works here is so nice and does a great job!

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I have had nothing but a great experience since my initial consult! Im doing full body laser removal and I am loving my results!!

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The hydra facial was so relaxing and refreshing. Such a professional business. Will come back!

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Wonderful experience! Got a my eye lash perm twice here and it looks great!! I even fell asleep at one point

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My facial with Samina was fantastic!! She took very good care of me and my skin has never looked better. The facility is very clean, beautiful, and relaxing. Highly recommend! 10/10

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A New, Healthy Glow

Laser professional and aesthetician Samina Wasifuddin and her experienced team at Hidden Oasis Med Spa are excited to offer a next-generation facial rejuvenation treatment that uniquely uses the versatile technologies from Venus Versa, Venus Viva, and Sofwave. With our expertise and these advanced platforms, we can help you get the new, healthy glow you've been looking for to improve your complexion. Schedule your consultation at our San Antonio, TX office today to learn more.

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How much does facial rejuvenation cost?

Because our aesthetic care team at Hidden Oasis Med Spa creates specific treatment plans for each patient based on the number and size of the treatment areas, facial rejuvenation costs may be different for everyone. During your first consultation, lead aesthetician Samina Wasifuddin will listen to your cosmetic goals, examine the areas you wish to treat, and discuss costs with you based on that.

Do I need to do anything after my treatment?

There is no downtime if Samina and you agree on facial rejuvenation with Sofwave. Patients can resume daily activities right after treatment. Although this treatment does not require any aftercare instructions, avoiding direct sunlight and protecting your skin is always encouraged.

With TriBella, you can expect 3 – 5 days of downtime. After your treatment, we recommend using sun protection of SPF 30 or greater for 24 – 48 hours after the skin has fully healed. As the treatment area heals, avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and artificial sunless tanning lotions. We also recommend avoiding direct sun exposure during your long-term skin care program. Hot baths, massages, or any direct contact with the treatment area should also be avoided for the first two to three days after your treatment.

How many facial rejuvenation treatments are required to see results?

For facial rejuvenation with Sofwave, immediate results are visible following the first treatment but the whole collagen regeneration process can take up to four months with continuous progress for up to three months after that or longer. Some patients may benefit from more than one treatment. For best results with Tribella, we typically suggest 3 – 4 sessions about 4 – 5 weeks apart but we may modify the number of treatments after your first consultation. Samina will monitor your healing at your follow-up appointments. Signs of improvement will be visible for up to three months once you have completed the full treatment plan.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.